It all comes down to being the best long-term private equity investor for lower-mid-market companies. 


Clear North Capital is a family office focused on private equity that represents the interest of Cody Church and a network of other like-minded investors, including families, high net-worth individuals and family offices. Backed by more than 20 years of extensive experience and direct investment in over 40 independent businesses, Cody is a highly regarded leader throughout the private investment sector. His long-standing reputation for integrity, entrepreneurial drive and commitment to building formidable partnerships are the guiding principles that form the foundation of Clear North Capital.



Our logo is a clear representation of Clear North Capital. The hand drawn maple leaf is reflective of trust as well as our pride in being Canadian and the vast opportunities found throughout this country. The box surrounding the maple leaf represents a frame and how we uniquely package transactions to suit individual business and investor needs. The mixture of traditional and modern fonts demonstrates traditional values combined with a modern fresh approach and the entrepreneurial drive that pushes Clear North Capital to go even further. The bold platinum and black color palette  represents the strength behind Clear North Capital. And, the two bars at the bottom of the logo represent partnerships, both with investors and businesses – the foundation in which Clear North Capital is built upon. Our logo is our signature, our commitment to achieving the highest standards and delivering excellence in everything we do.