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Private Equity


Head Quarters:

North York, Ontario




Based in Ontario, POI is Canada’s largest workplace environment provider. For more than 60 years POI has revolutionized workplace environments with customized solutions that leverage the latest technologies and designs for the corporate, education, government, and healthcare sectors. An exclusive distribution partnership for Steelcase in the Ontario market (excluding Ottawa, Peterborough and Kingston), has further positioned POI as a leader and contributes to their extensive portfolio of furniture, architectural and technology products as well as integrated services that include planning, design, installation, asset management, relocation and storage. 

POI's client-centric approach and collaborative style, has secured long-standing relationships with customers, helping in further realizing their commitment of always being at the forefront in providing value-added solutions. 


Head Quarters:

Armstrong, British Columbia



highway-bridges (1).jpg
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Rapid-Span consists of a group of companies that specialize in the manufacture of steel, precast, and timber components for the transportation industry, and in particular bridges. With production plants spread throughout western Canada, we have been supplying bridge systems and components since 1983 and are recognized in the industry for providing quality products and reliable service.


Rapid-Span excels on design-build projects, tackling complex work, and providing products into increasingly remote locations and extreme conditions. Our bridge products are spread throughout North America. Opportunities in Central and South America, Asia, and Africa have also challenged us to design and build quality products that are cost effective and easily transportable.


Head Quarters:

Calgary, Alberta




Since 1979, KORITE is one of the most trusted source of the colourful gemstone Ammolite. KORITE is vertically integrated from operating one of the largest commercial Ammolite mines in the world to designing, manufacturing and selling art and fine jewellery in more than 28 countries. The company, its discovery team, craftspeople, designers and sales professionals stand by the quality and professionalism of every aspect of its international operations.

"Growth is never mere chance; it's the result of forces working together."



Voran Group Ventures manufactures and distributes innovative health & hygiene, wellness, and applied nanotechnology products. One of our leading innovations is Bacoban Cleaner and Disinfectant.  This patented solution tackles cleaning and disinfecting with a formula that not only kills 99.99% of bacteria, viruses and fungi, but also resolves the hygiene gap by creating a hygienic surface that prevents the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew.

Headquarters:  Edmonton, Alberta                         


Pyure Dynamic Protection™ manufactures and markets a line of UV hydroxyl generators to cleanse, deodorize and sanitize air and surfaces for healthcare, senior living, food & agriculture, hospitality, manufacturing, and commercial industries.

Headquarters:  Boynton Beach, Florida       


Canary-Color-White BW.png

Canary is a biofuel producer focused on manufacturing biodiesel for the Canadian and US biodiesel markets. Canary's first plant is located in Lethbridge, Alberta and is currently getting upgraded to produce 18-19 million gallons per year of "Generation 2" biodiesel and glycerin.

Headquarters:  Calgary, Alberta                            

GTA Logo BW.png

Headquarters:  Calgary, Alberta                             


Global Talent Accelerator is "executive search for outsourcing". With a database of over 47,000 software engineering firms around the world (including local US and Canada), GTA quickly finds the best matches for your specific engineering needs.  GTA does the due diligence for you and guarantees success. 98% hit rate vs industry standard 41%. 


EverLine provides high quality and efficient line painting services for parking lots, roadways, parkades and warehouses. We are a full service parking lot maintenance company that makes us a one-stop-shop and the best choice for all of our clients parking lot needs. We offer power sweeping, power washing, asphalt sealcoating, crack filling, and more.

Headquarters:  Calgary, Alberta                             

Active Investments

"You will either step forward into growth or step back into safety."

Passive Investments



Geological AI is the only multi-sensor, cost-neutral scanning system employing a unique combination of hyper-spectral imaging + XRF line scanning + RGB Imaging and fully guided by laser depth correction. Developed by Eversoft Inc., Geological AI utilizes fully portable scanning robots that incorporate multiple sensors for a complete picture to deliver instant results with real-time element and mineralogical data.

Screenshot 2023-04-04 161007_bw.png

KnowHow is a Canadian-based software platform that enables companies to easily onboard, skill up, and equip their workforces with the knowledge needed to succeed in their roles. KnowHow is a mobile and cloud based generative Ai solution that transforms how companies capture and facilitate their knowledge into simple to use processes and how-to guides, instantly translated into a worker’s preferred language. With KnowHow companies accelerate day one to productivity for new hires, increase compliance, reduce costly errors, retain their institutional knowledge and accelerate growth. Learn more at


Here is a video featuring Everline (one of Clear North's Portfolio companies) being resourced by KnowHow (another portfolio company). Everline Coatings & Services: KnowHow is the home of the 'Everline Way' (4 minutes)

Screenshot 2022-12-09 130252.png

Skiptown has created an innovative, fun and safe social experience for dogs and dog parents. The Skiptown experience and service offering is provided by an expertly‐trained and talented team and is underpinned by an advanced technology platform, providing an engaging experience for customers and employees.

Skiptown is bringing to the pet industry, what pioneering companies such as Topgolf and Dave & Busters have successfully built; a unique consumer experience giving dog parents the opportunity to provide expert care for their dogs and socialize with other dog parents. 

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